Welcome! This website is created by students, friends and followers of a lifelong Buddhist- Vello Vaartnou or Lama WanDao, who is our Guru.
Over many years Vello has initiated several progressive international Buddhism related projects, which by now involve key delegates from countries across the globe.

Due to the large scale and unique scope of his projects and ideas, most people who meet the representatives of his projects wonder- who is the organization or person behind these magnificent thoughts.

Therefore we have created this website, which is dedicated to our unique teacher Vello Vaartnou, who has been a passionate Buddhist for many decades and the chief architect of numerous progressive and reformist Buddhist thoughts and activities.

He is a unique Buddhist, and his Buddhist journey is itself remarkable and worth writing about, however our main true aim is our wish to support him and his great projects in to the future.

It is worth noting that Lama WanDao opposed creating this website for a long time and finally we have convinced him of the need to make a separate website in order to introduce himself and his ideas.

We emphasize the importance of the “Teacher” and the linage tradition in Buddhism and we hope that there would be more wise and skilled Buddhist teachers and subsequently enthusiastic and sincere Dharma students.

According to Lama VanTao, belief is essential to initiate the “Bodhi” mind, but without further extensive studies of Buddhism, progress will be limited.

It is Lama VanTao’s wish to provide everyone who seeks to learn about Buddhism access to accurate materials on a variety of topics about Buddhism in their mother tongue and due to globalization and modern technologies, such a vast idea is possible to be realized and manifested.

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